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TEEF 2.3 (Updated Recipe)

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To improve formula, increased thyme and oregano to fight candida more (candida causes bleeding tongue).  Changed lemon essential oil to orange (both main ingredient is Limonene).  Increased Proline to reduce astringency.


454g TCP food grade
10g Dicalcium phosphate
15g proline
10g gynostema extract
2g tribulus
4g Ginger extract
4g Wheatgrass juice powder
3g Garlic extract
9 drops cinnamon essential oil (eo)
3 drops orange eo
2 drops lemongrass eo
2 drops rosemary eo
5 drops clove eo
3 drops nutmeg eo
23 drops peppermint eo
14 drops thyme eo
8 drops oregano eo
8 drops carrot eo

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