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TEEF 2.4

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In 2.4 we made some minor but potentially powerful tweaks.  Based on my ongoing research there are several vitamins (not just minerals) that can also support healthy enamel repair osteoblast activity including vitamin D and K2.  Vitamin A hurts remineralization so avoid overdosing that.  Also from a protien creation perspective (teeth contain collagen and some keratin) biotin and pantothenic acid may also help.  We know of those from hair health, and teeth are somewhat related in my view. Anyway I think those two will help as well.  Next we add some essential oils namely fresh ginger and German chamomile (both from mountain rose, rest of the eos are NOW brand).  Ginger essential oil is one of the best against campylobacter and German chamomile is one of the best against h pylori; two of the most important bacteria in oral health, from what I remember they are involved with loosening of teeth and canker sores.  Also the foaming herbs gynostemma and tribulus terrestris extracts slightly increased.

454g TCP food grade (add only 254 max to grinder)
27g TTCPP (tetra calcium phosphate peroxide)
10g Dicalcium phosphate
15g  proline
0.1g biotin (now foods 0469B)
0.1g pantothenic acid (now foods 0486)
12g  gynostema extract
2.5g  tribulus extract
4g Ginger extract
4g Wheatgrass juice powder
3g Garlic extract
2 drops vitamin D3/K2 (thorne KD500)
9 drops cinnamon Essential Oil (eo)
3 drops orange eo
2 drops lemongrass eo
2 drops rosemary eo
5 drops clove eo
3 drops nutmeg eo
23 drops peppermint eo
14 drops thyme eo
8 drops oregano eo
8 drops carrot eo
3 drops blue chamomile eo
3 drops ginger eo

grind in 2kg herb grinder.

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