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TEEF Powder 2.6 open source teeth tooth toothpowder teethpowder formula

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Full Batch Recipe: 454g 1816 Tricalcium Phosphate TCP (MySpicer 705082) 50g 200 Tetracalcium Phosphate Peroxide TTCPP (NatureHacker) 25g  100 ginseng extract (NuSci 30786) 18.5g 74 Dicalcium phosphate DCP (Eisen-Golden Laboratories EG-CAHPO4-8) 15g  60 proline (PureBulk 10912) 0.5g 2 magnesium citrate (NuSci 3344-18-1) 0.3g 1.2 sodium citrate (Loud Wolf 6132-04-3) 0.2g .8 zinc citrate (Swanson SW1234) 0.15g .6 selenium (Swanson SWU171) 0.15g .6 thiamin (Natures Way BLK8382) 0.15g .6 biotin (now foods 0469B) 0.15g .6 pantothenic acid (now foods 0486) 3 12 drops vitamin D3/K2 (thorne KD500) 15 60 drops black seed oil (Artizen Oils) 26 104 drops peppermint Essential Oil (eo)(Now Foods) 12 48 drops thyme eo (Now Foods) 10 40 drops carrot eo (Now Foods) 10 40 drops cinnamon eo (Now Foods) 8 32 drops lemongrass eo (Now Foods) 8 32 drops oregano eo (Now Foods) 5 20 drops blue chamomile eo (Mountain Rose) 5 20 drops eucalyptus eo (Now Foods) 5 20 drops clove eo (Now Foods) 4 16 drops fresh ginger eo (Mountain Rose) 3 12 drops orange eo (Now Foods) 3 12 drops rosemary eo (Now Foods) 3 12 drops nutmeg eo (Now Foods) Do not add TTCPP to the grinder. grind in 2kg herb grinder but add only 200 TCP max to grinder. 25 ginseng was 15 gynostemma 26 mint was 25 12 thyme was 14 10 cinnamon was 9 10 carrot was 12 4 ginger was 5 8 lemongrass was 3 added sodium citrate added magnesium citrate added zinc citrate added SeMSC added Thiamin This is beyond Open Source now.  Not only am I giving you all the ingredients and exact recipie, but also my sources!  There is nothing holding you back from making and selling this tomarrow.  This isn’t Capitalism, its Givism. We needed even more help with h pylori (causes uncomfortable bottom front teeth)and carrot was too high since it adds a weird flavor.  Turns out lemongrass kill h pylori so we boosted that.  Also ginger kills campylobacter, and campy and hpylori kind of balance each other so I lowered ginger a touch.  I had some ginseng extract and tested against the gynostemma I always use and lo and behokd the ginseng seems better! Bigger bubbles and much less bitter so we swapped that in and boosted for even better foam.  Boosted mint for anaerobics (cause teeth that feel like under pressure) and cinnamon for h pylori.  Lowered thyme since we’re not having issues with gram neg (metallic taste in mouth or bad breath). Magnesium and sodium and zinc citrate added since not only magnesium and zinc and sodium are a part of healthy enamel and bone, and zinc prevents over remineralization, but also because citrate is a very important part of enamel as well.  Thiamin (B1) and selenium were also added because they are known to be important for remineralization and antioxidants and immunity.  In the future I anticipate less adding ingrediebts and more tuning levels, right now I am doing lots of work on it since the Amazon launch is coming soon and I want everything to be near finalized. Some other eos for hpylori are savory, manuka, vervein, cinnamon. Still getting some teeth loosening, hpy or campy? h pylori causes uncomfortable bottom front teeth need to boost h pylori oils anaerobics cause pain internal to teeth and craze lines.  boost mint and mabye cinnamon. Consider uv bleaching TTCPP since it has a Tan color after peroxidation.  UV may remove peroxide though?  Mabye keeping temp low during peroxidation could help? potassium in plaque magnesium in enamel 1/10 calcium zinc may prevent remineralization iron in beaver teeth zinc buffers remineralization and demineralization salivary citrate citrate critical sodium cotransport potass sodium levels in enamel sodium content of bone Lemongrass h pylori Lemongrass and cinnamon and manuka and savory and vervein but carrot seed still best h pylori!po=0.909091 Hho torch 300L

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