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Every Customer is Valuable

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At TEEF we don’t believe in consumers.  We believe in customers.  Every person that we please, we strongly believe, will be our Advocate’s.  Every person we help will be a beacon of hope for their friends.  We know that if we produce true value for people that it will be returned to us as wind in our sails ten times over.

It is a simple philosophy but one we know has been proven time and again, immemorial.

Concrete steps we are taking to embody this philosophy is as follows and more to come:

1.  Listen to your feedback with an open mind and collaborate with you on how things can be improved.  Try to open dialog with you on your platform of choice so we know what is important to you.

2. Strive to continuously improve the product and methods.  Our founder is also our lead Researcher and Designer; fully commited to this product taking continuous steps towards perfection.

3. Give back in terms of converting profit efficiency gain from economy of scale into reinvesting into improving the product and/or lowering the price as much as possible.  We believe in charity, but we are not going to spend your money on fulfilling our charitable goals.  Our job is to keep the price as low as possible so you can decide how best you should use your extra money.  We believe in you, we know that your ideas for your money are better than our ideas for your money.  So we won’t take more of your money than necessary.  This will inform our growth strategies.

4. A pledge to never sell out.  We will not sell our buisness or our recipies to anyone or anything.  We firmly believe in your right to know every ingredient we include and the amount and that every product of ours will be fully open source from conception and forever after.  We encourage everyone to make and give away and/or sell products that use or build on our designs and recipies.

5.  Strive for the highest quality ingredients.  We are very discerning in the ingredients we use.  We use this product too and make sure we are confident of all our ingredients source and quality.  We will continue this and take it farther to strive for every ingredient sourced from the highest quality suppliers and cleanest methods such as organic, as possible.  Also we will provide you with the supplier name that we currently use for every ingredient we use.

6.  Every order will ship fast and have a tracking number.  Barring unforseen circumstances, from now on every order will be shipped quickly and have a tracking number.  We are doing this because we will start selling on amazon and we are extending the same shipping improvements on website orders as well.

7.  If we notice something wrong we will let you know on the blog as a minimum.  If we notice something may not be right about a batch we will make a blog post about it and we are including procedure to contact everyone that recieved the affected batch so they know what to expect.  Of course we hope that nothing will ever go wrong, but in case it does, we are commited to transparency and making it right.

8.  We will not delay in doing any good thing.  If it is in our power to act for good, we will do it without delay.  For example if we know a certain ingredient would improve the recipie but costs more, we will make the change in the very next batch.

In conclusion, we are commited to make every buisness decision with our customers as the #1 factor in our decisions.  We will always ensure that what is best for the customer is what will be done.  And this will not be done at the expense of our suppliers or our partners (we will never have employees) or anyone else.  Everyone is our customer and we realize that.

3 thoughts on “Every Customer is Valuable

  1. Excellent, keep up the good work !!!

    A few questions…

    1. Can you add something so your powder can whiten teeth?

    2. Does your powder has any effect on fillings?

  2. Theoretically it shouldn't effect fillings since it is neutral pH. It does have peroxide in it but doesn't seem to whiten teeth. Needs more hardcore peroxide molecule like carbamide peroxide but lots of people are sensitive to peroxide anyway, and because of that I am even going to lower the peroxide in next batch.

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