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Worldwide Free Shipping!

Try the Best Tooth Powders Free with Free Shipping!

So this may be a hair premature, and it is possible (5% chance) we will need to re-implement international shipping charges, but based on current data we can actually make it work.

How can we ship a $12.75 product for free worldwide with a tracking number?  Well for one because we can ship internationally differently that domestically.  Domestic shipping requires a “package” in order to get a tracking number.  However a “flat” gets a tracking number when shipped internationally.  So that means that the method of international shipping is inherently cheaper, albiet a little higher cost just for the distance it travels.

So we will make a little less on international orders than domestic.  But that is something we can absorb.  Why?  Because making money is not the primary goal of TEEF.  The goal is to inspire and empower and we believe that free international shipping will go a long way to inspire our global customers.  People who do not live in the US may feel like they are living in a shadow and are second class citizens.  Offering free shipping to these customers we hope will be taken as a gesture that we believe we are all equal and are all one no matter what “country” we happened to be born in.  Every one of us is absolutely essential in making this world a better place.

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