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TEEF 2.19 Organic tooth powder recipe

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Full Batch Recipe: Makes 16 70g packs and 3 20g packs


740g Tricalcium Phosphate TCP (MySpicer 705082)


160g Dicalcium Phosphate DCP
 (Eisen-Golden Laboratories EG-CAHPO4-8)
60g Tetracalcium Phosphate Peroxide TTCPP (NatureHacker)
40g Tetracalcium Phosphate TTCP (NatureHacker)
40g Octacalcium Phosphate OCP (NatureHacker)
20g alpha-Tricalcium Phosphate aTCP (NatureHacker)

Natural Foaming

25g *ginseng extract (Badmonkey Botanicals 30%) used 10% for this batch so 75g

Amino’s and Natural Chelators

45g proline (PureBulk 10912)
4g lysine (PureBulk)
1g histidine (PureBulk)
1g cystiene (PureBulk)
1g arginine (PureBulk)
3g (5 caps) IP6 (Jarrow Formulas 120011)

Vitamins and Minerals

1g magnesium citrate (NuSci 3344-18-1)
0.6g sodium citrate (Loud Wolf 6132-04-3)
0.2g potassium iodide KI (PureBulk)
0.3g (1cap) zinc citrate (Swanson SW1234)
0.3g (1 cap) selenium (Swanson SWU171)
0.34g (1 cap) thiamin (Natures Way BLK8382)
0.36 (1 cap) biotin (Now Foods 0469B)
0.7g (1 cap) pantothenic acid (Now Foods 0486)
10 drops vitamin D3/K2 (Thorne KD500)

Essential Oils and Carrier Oils

40 *drops black seed oil (Madre Nature)
85 *drops peppermint eo (Nature’sGift)
23 *drops myrrh eo (Mountain Rose)
20 *drops lavender eo (Mountain Rose)
18 *drops juniper berry eo (Mountain Rose)
15 *drops eucalyptus eo (Mountain Rose)
14 *drops cinnamon eo (Mountain Rose)
13 *drops fresh ginger eo (Mountain Rose)
13 *drops mastic eo (Nature’sGift)
12 *drops atlantic cedarwood eo (Stillpoint Aromatics)
11 *drops lemongrass eo (Mountain Rose)
10 *drops orange eo (Mountain Rose)
10 *drops clove eo (Mountain Rose)
7 *drops red thyme eo (Mountain Rose)
6 *drops rosemary eo (Mountain Rose)
6 *drops nutmeg eo (Mountain Rose)
5 *drops oregano eo (Mountain Rose)
4 *drops tagetes eo (Stillpoint Aromatocs)
4 *drops carrot eo (Mountain Rose)
3 *drops blue chamomile eo (Mountain Rose)

* = Organic or Wildcrafted or Unsprayed


Order myrrh cinnamon ginger cham juniper

Need to fight diptheria bacteria that can live in salivary duct and cause dmt dreams.  Eucalyptus should work also turmeric, sandlewood, patchouli also should work.

1g histidine was 2.  Lowered for taste.  In recipie for enamel support and chelator.

1g cystiene was 2.  Lowered for taste.  In recipie for enamel support and chelator.

1g arginine was 2.  Lowered for taste.  In recipe for enamel support and chelation.

3g IP6 was 4g.  Lowered to reduce chelation since chelation can also grab calcium and reduce remineralization.  In recipie to help bind up iron in the mouth, which iron promotes bacterial growth.

15 eucalyptus was 12. see above.

11 lemongrass was 12.  Lowered to reduce citrusy flavor.  Lemongrass counters fubgus like aspergillis and also h pylori.  Also helps tooth pain.

10 orange was 15.  Lowered to reduce citrusy flavor.  Orange fights klebsellia, serratia, and h pylori.

85 peppermint was 80.  Increased to improce flavor.  Peppernint fights anaerobic bacteria that cause teeth sensitivity and also tooth pain.

23 myrrh was 20.  Increased to compensate for loss of lemongrass and orange in regard to h pylori.

If flavor is still citrusy/odd look at cedarwood which was increased last batch.

Well flavor is a bit odd but not citrusy mabye on the opposite side herbal or something.  Vould be cedarwood or myrrh im thinking.  Or eucalyptus.  Not much have I added and I think the flavor is one I didn’t notice before so it seems new.

60 thoughts on “TEEF 2.19 Organic tooth powder recipe

  1. I have been using TEEF powder from the start and let me say that the remineralization is not good compare to earlier versions?

    I don't know what's changed but I can feel that my teeth are slowly getting sensitive again? I am using TEEF 2.17.

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  5. So sensitivity is not a gauge of remineralization. Sensitivity is caused by anaerobic bacteria and peppermint essential oil and possibly cinnamon essential oil help me with that from my experience. 2.17 was likely elevated in h pylori and campylobacter fighting essential oils and so anaerobic may have overgrown for you. May want to buy some peppermint essential oil and swish with it. Let me know if you have questions

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