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TEEF Powder 2.21 Organic Tooth Powder Recipe

Full Batch Recipe: Makes 16 70g packs and a 20g pack.


740g Tricalcium Phosphate TCP (MySpicer 705082)


160g Dicalcium Phosphate DCP
 (Eisen-Golden Laboratories EG-CAHPO4-8)
60g Tetracalcium Phosphate Peroxide TTCPP (NatureHacker)
40g Tetracalcium Phosphate TTCP (NatureHacker)
40g Octacalcium Phosphate OCP (NatureHacker)
20g alpha-Tricalcium Phosphate aTCP (NatureHacker)

Natural Foaming

30g *ginseng extract (Badmonkey Botanicals 30%)

Amino’s and Natural Chelators

45g proline (PureBulk 10912)
4g lysine (PureBulk)
1g histidine (PureBulk)
1g cystiene (PureBulk)
1g arginine (PureBulk)
2g IP6 (Source Naturals SN1366)

Vitamins and Minerals

1g magnesium citrate (NuSci 3344-18-1)
0.6g sodium citrate (Loud Wolf 6132-04-3)
0.2g potassium iodide KI (PureBulk)
0.3g (1cap) zinc citrate (Swanson SW1234)
0.3g (1 cap) selenium (Swanson SWU171)
0.34g (1 cap) thiamin (Natures Way BLK8382)
0.36 (1 cap) biotin (Now Foods 0469B)
0.7g (1 cap) pantothenic acid (Now Foods 0486)
10 drops vitamin D3/K2 (Thorne KD500)

Essential Oils and Carrier Oils

60 *drops black seed oil (Madre Nature)
87 *drops peppermint eo (Nature’sGift)
23 *drops myrrh eo (Mountain Rose)
22 *drops lavender eo (Mountain Rose)
19 *drops juniper berry eo (Mountain Rose)
17 *drops eucalyptus eo (Mountain Rose)
14 *drops cinnamon eo (Mountain Rose)
13 *drops fresh ginger eo (Mountain Rose)
13 *drops mastic eo (Nature’sGift)
12 *drops atlantic cedarwood eo (Stillpoint Aromatics)
12 *drops lemongrass eo (Mountain Rose)
12 *drops clove eo (Mountain Rose)
7 *drops red thyme eo (Mountain Rose)
6 *drops orange eo (Mountain Rose)
6 *drops rosemary eo (Mountain Rose)
6 *drops nutmeg eo (Mountain Rose)
5 *drops oregano eo (Mountain Rose)
4 *drops tagetes eo (Stillpoint Aromatocs)
4 *drops carrot eo (Mountain Rose)
3 *drops blue chamomile eo (Mountain Rose)

* = Organic or Wildcrafted or Unsprayed


60 drops black seed oil was 40.  Boosted because it is good to have more carrier oil to prevent evaporation of essential oils, but previouspy we were stuck because if we added too much ginseng it was bitter.  New organic ginseng is more powerful so we will see if we can raise it without adding much bitterness.

30g ginseng was 25.  Boosted to see if it would get bitter or if we can tastefully add more foaming.

87 drops peppermint was 85.  Raised to hope to bring mint to the forefront instead of lemongrass.

6 drops orange eo was 8.  Lowered to remove excess fruityness since lemongrass needed to be boosted last batch.

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