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TEEF 4.10

For a while now the batch number is located on the back of the bag, on the bottom of the ingredients label in parenthesis.  Looks like: Manufactured by TEEF Products (4.5)
This batch is a transition to 5.0.  about half the mineralizer is old version and half is doped with cellulose.  5.0 will include cellulose and also silica.
20 black seed was 10.  had originally lowered for taste but I think taste is negligible
20 castor was 0.  Added to help remove coconut and also the beneficial qualities of castor for health and emulsification.
20 hemp was 0.  added to reduce coconut and also add omega 3’s
80 coconut was 130.  lowered in proportion with others increasing. Lowering to reduce clumping.
0.03g zinc citrate was 0.3g.  this is just a typo correction.
23 cinnamon was 22.  boosting to fight mycoplasma sore throat.
25 eucalyptus was 23.  boosting to fight mycoplasma sore throat.
36 lavender was 34.  boosting to fight mycoplasma sore throat.
Full Batch Recipe: Makes 15 x 70g packs and 4 x 20g pack.
1000g Tricalcium Phosphate TCP (MySpicer 705082)
60g HAPPEN (Hydroxyapatite Peroxide Emulsified Nanoparticles)
Natural Foaming
37g *ginseng extract (Hunan Huakang Biotech 30%)
Amino’s and Natural Chelators
31g proline  (PureBulk 10912)
4g lysine    (PureBulk)
4g glycine   (PureBulk)
2g arginine  (PureBulk)
1g histidine (PureBulk)
1g cystiene  (PureBulk)
Vitamins and Minerals
1g magnesium bis glycinate    (NuSci 3344-18-1)
1g sodium citrate             (Loud Wolf 6132-04-3)
0.5g potassium gluconate      (Purebulk)
0.2g potassium iodide KI      (PureBulk)
0.03g (1 cap) zinc citrate    (Swanson SW1234)
0.3g (1 cap) selenium         (Swanson SWU171)
0.34g (1 cap) thiamine        (Natures Way BLK8382)
0.36 (1 cap) biotin           (Now Foods 0469B)
0.7g (1 cap) pantothenic acid (Now Foods 0486)
0.5g (1 cap) Niacinamide      (Purebulk) 
Essential Oils and Carrier Oils
20  drops vitamin D3/K2          (Thorne KD500)
80 *drops coconut (Garden of Life)
20 *drops moringa (DAANA)
20  drops evening primrose (NOW foods)
20 *drops black seed (Madre Nature)
20 *drops castor (Aura Cacia)
20 *drops hemp (Aura Cacia)
122 *drops peppermint eo (Mountain Rose)
36  *drops lavender eo (NOW Foods)
28  *drops myrrh eo (Mountain Rose)
25  *drops juniper berry eo (Mountain Rose)
25  *drops eucalyptus eo (NOW Foods)
23  *drops cinnamon eo (Mountain Rose)
18  *drops atlas cedarwood eo (NOW Foods)
18  *drops thyme eo (Mountain Rose)
17  *drops fresh ginger eo (Mountain Rose)
17  *drops mastic eo (Nature’sGift)
16  *drops oregano eo (Mountain Rose)
14  *drops clove eo (NOW Foods)
13  *drops sweet orange eo (NOW Foods)
13  *drops lemongrass eo (NOW Foods)
10  *drops frankincense eo (Mountain Rose)
7   *drops rosemary eo (NOW Foods)
7   *drops nutmeg eo (Mountain Rose)
7   *drops patchouli eo (Mountain Rose)
5   *drops tagetes eo (Stillpoint Aromatocs)
5   *drops carrot eo (Mountain Rose)
4   *drops blue chamomile eo (Mountain Rose)
* = Organic or Wildcrafted or Unsprayed
Paper: 11×17 GMUND No Bleach (LCI Paper)
Bags: Home Compostable Vacuum Seal Plant Based Biofilm (Salt of the Earth Packaging) debut 2021, for now just standard plastic. 
Use 1 gallon ziploc bag to combine ingredients.
Making HAPPEN:
Take all the vitamins and minerals and amino’s and foaming (mix together in bag) then add 60g Nano Hydroxyapatite Peroxide and mix in bag (it likely will turn moist like brown sugar). Pour oil blend into this and mix minimally.  Next grind this mix in commercial grinder with 30g base.  Add this to ziplock into the rest (970g) of base.  Seal and shake the bag around to finish combining. 
Bergamot will help with mycoplasma sore throat in addition to helping with strep mutans cavities.
tea tree and bergamot also fight mycoplasma, with tea tree the best.  tea tree is toxic so I am trying to hold off adding it, if bergamot isn’t enough I might do either lemon eucalyptus or tea tree.  bergamot should arrive for 5.0.
finishing up evening primrose to switch to organic soon.
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